iCADMac Subscription Services

Becoming an iCADMac iCARE Subscription Services member, you receive updates and technical support along with access to a wide range of valuable information, training, and videos. When a new version of iCADMac is released you receive priority fullfilment without psying upgrade fees!

Software updates and enhancements. A subscription member obtains regular updates of the latest iCADMac software, including all new releases and service packs.

progeCAD continually and consistantly improves its software and gives prompt attention to Customer submitted issuess. Through our online response system you receive automatic e-mail notifications of important announcements, and recent software updates.

Technical Support Services. Technical support services through our helpdesk provides you with online assistance regarding software function, menu commands, installation problems and guidance to solve issues you may have using our software.

Privileged improvement requests. iCADMac subscription members have an opportunity to submit improvement requests that help to influence future iCADMac software development and new feature planning. You get to help decide what goes into future iCADMac software.

The iCADMac customer portal guarantees online access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to a full range of information and resources.

  • Access to all software upgrades as well as service pack updates. Detailed change logs help you determine when your particular issue is fixed, or request new features be implemented.
  • Access to the iCADMac Knowledge Base, containing a wide range of technical resources and documents.
  • Online access to your support requests and the ability to submit improvement requests directly to the iCADMac development team!

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