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We waited, and waited, we asked, we begged, yet it took 20 years...

When it was finally here, the price to purchase AutoCAD for Mac was over $4000.00... If the tools you use to make a living are too expensive to purchase, what then? For many, AutoCAD for Mac is simply unaffordable. The Solution?... iCADMac! The user friendly, 2D/3D CAD software for MAC OS X which reads and writes AutoCAD® DWG format and costs a fraction of the price!

It's easy to use, thanks to the high level of compatibility with AutoCAD, and it's easy on your wallet, at only 1/5th the cost. iCADMac is the ideal choice for low cost CAD. If you need a quality CAD tool, yet with a reasonable price, iCADMac is the best opportunity for DWG Compatible CAD software without the out of control pricing of AutoCAD!

Choose from the following licenses:

  • Single License:  low cost with easy registration process 
  • USB License: plug in the USB dongle, and your ready to work!
Why choose iCADMac?
  • Easy to Use:

    Highly customizable user interface that is familiar to CAD users.
  • Affordable:

    iCADMac costs just 1/5 the cost of AutoCAD, yet offers similar functions.
  • DWG format:

    drawing files that are fully compatible with Auto CAD, no conversion required.
  • 30-day FREE complete trial

    : Download iCADMac and see how it compares before purchase.
  • Free Updates:

    You'll get FREE updates, until the next major upgrade.
  • Save on subscription services

    1 Year Subscription:

      Purchase an iCARE Subscription when you buy iCADMac and receive your first year of Subscription Services at a 10% discount!
    • direct technical assistance
    • minor version updates
    • video courses
    • Access clients area online
    • Online Helpdesk
    • Feature suggestions
iCADMac works with iPad's

Your projects can follow wherever you go with iCADMac!

With just a click, Send your DWG drawing from iCADMac to your iPad™ and back.

PDF iCADMac imports and converts your PDF into a DWG file... With layers, dimensions...

Download the iCADMac Brochure
What's New in iCADMac 2016

New Commands:
    1. Constraint Commands to control drawing entities parametrically:
      • Geometric Constraint Commands. Defines Geometric Constraints for one or two entities.
      • Dimensional Constraint Commands. Defines Dimensional Constraints for entities or between constraint points on entities.
    2. DiscardDuplicates. Removes duplicate or overlapping entities from the drawing.
    3. QuickModify. Copies, moves, rotates, and scales entities in one operation.
    4. PowerTrim. Trims multiple, adjacent entities by dragging the pointer across each entity. Extends or trims two entities where they intersect at a virtual corner.
    5. ExplodeBlockX. Explodes Blocks and converts BlockAttribute values to SimpleNotes.
    6. EditTableCell. Inserts, deletes, merges, or resizes cells, rows, and columns in Tables.
    7. StackOptions. Sets the alignment and size for stacked text in annotations.
    8. CustomPaperSize. Manages custom paper sizes for built-in printers (PDF, PNG, JPG, SVG, or DWF).
    9. Migration. Migrates profiles, preferences, file location settings, and UI customizations from a previous version of the software.
New Features:
    1. Dimension palette. Appears when you insert or select a Dimension so you can change the properties and formatting of Dimension text.
    2. Paragraph Options dialog box. Sets paragraph alignment, line spacing, indents, and tab stops for Notes.
    3. Note Formatting ruler. Sets paragraph indents and tab stops for Notes.
    4. Stack Properties dialog box. Controls the text, alignment position, relative scale, and type of stacked text to represent fractions and tolerances.
    5. AutoStack Defaults dialog box. Sets defaults to automatically stack text that represents fractions and tolerances in annotations.
    6. Editing Table Text in place and Editing Table Cells in place.
    7. Dynamic Block Grips. Modifies Dynamic Block references using grips. You can insert Dynamic Blocks and use them in drawings (although you cannot create them with the software).
    8. Quick Access Toolbar and Ribbon Customization. Creates and modifies quick access toolbars, ribbon tabs and panels.
    9. Palettes. Help buttons provided on all palettes.
New System Variables:
  1. BTMARKDISPLAY. Toggles the display of value set increment markers in Dynamic Blocks.
  2. CETRANSPARENCY. Specifies the current level of transparency for new entities or the special names ByLayer or ByBlock.
  3. GRIPDYNCOLOR. Controls the fill color of user-defined grips of Dynamic Blocks.
  4. HPTRANSPARENCY. Specifies the current level of transparency for new hatches or gradient fills.
  5. TABLEINDICATOR. Toggles the display of the display of row numbers and column letters when editing Table cells in-place.
  6. TABLETOOLBAR. Controls the display of the Edit Table pop-up toolbar to assist editing Table cells in-place.
  7. TRANSPARENCYDISPLAY. Determines whether transparencies assigned to entities display.
  8. TSPACEFAC. Sets the line spacing distance specified as a text height factor for Notes.
  9. TSPACETYPE. Sets the type of line spacing used within Notes.
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